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Foster Application


Be at least 18 years of age
Have legal identification with your current address

You must own your own house unless a renter is aware you are looking to foster - we will be speaking to them
All your current animals HAVE to be fixed & up to date on vaccines
Depending on the animal(s) you are looking to foster you will need a separate area for them away from your current animals

Understand that Fur Angels Rescue Shelter reserves the right to refuse any applicant for foster.
Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will foster with Fur Angels Rescue Shelter

Thank you for your interest in a rescue!

Please fill out every question on the application - any not filled out now will be asked when we go over your application.

Do you live with your parents?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Some times we get animals that are a little more feisty than others that need extra socialization. Have you had experience with animals that need extra socialization?
Would you be interested in helping socializing our more nervous/scared animals?

Your Pets Information

Are all of your pets spayed / neutered?
Is your pet used to other pets?
Do you have a regular veterinarian?

Additional Questions

Is everyone in the house aware you are wanting to foster an animal?
What kind of animal(s) are you wanting to foster?
What age for dogs would you like to foster?
What age for cats would you like to foster?
Is shedding a problem?

By filling out this application & signing this form, you are understanding that there are no guarantees you are a candidate to foster with Fur Angels Rescue Shelter. It is our responsibility to appropriately match every animal with the appropriate foster family for animal's needs. If you have met our criteria to foster and have been approved, please keep in mind that we might not have an animal needing to be fostered right away. We will do our best to match you with the appropriate foster companion for a happy outcome! 

Approved fosters have the opportunity to adopt your foster.

You realize that some fosters may be in your care longer than others. 

Fur Angels will be responsible for all vet care, food, kennels, etc that your foster will need to survive and thrive. You supply safety, love, and day-to-day care/feeding.

Applications are approved by Fur Angels and your suggestions will be taken into account but no animal under a year old is to be in a foster home for a long time period. Kittens and puppies need to find forever homes quickly.

You understand a Fur Angel's representative may need to evaluate your home before you can be a part of our foster program.

By digitally signing below you guarantee that the information you have given is accurate and that you permit us to contact your veterinarian to provide all information for any current pets. Any false information will disqualify you from fostering from Fur angels Rescue Shelter.

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