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Egg My Yard

Your child(ren) can wake up Easter morning to a yard full of candy and toy filled Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny himself!

Several volunteers of FARS will be out and about to bring a smile to your kid(s) faces with the happiest surprise Easter morning - or any other morning before Easter!
Eggs will be filled with candy & toys for them to hunt and enjoy!


Below is the number of eggs you can order along with the form to fill out.

We will email you to confirm your order and we received your payment (which is needed right away). Please add to your email list so our emails don't go to spam.

Our founder will be in contact to ask additional questions if needed.

We have 18 zip codes we can currently egg:

43560 , 43617 , 43615 , 43623 , 43607 , 43606 , 43611 , 43605 , 43613 , 43528 , 43542 , 43537 , 43614 , 43616 , 43412 , 43619 , 43515 , 43558

Deadline to order is March 27nd at midnight.



Want to help bring some joy to kids in our area? Volunteer to be the Easter bunny for the night!
We are looking for more volunteers who want to help egg yards in different zip codes.
Follow the link below to fill out a form and we will be in touch.

<-- This is in fact our Founder and her best friend in 2023 when they went out to hide eggs!
Bunny costumes welcomed! It's so much fun :D


Not able to volunteer? Or currently have kids that can hunt eggs? We have a wish list of items that can fit in the small eggs. Who doesn't love extra goodies?? We also love seeing pictures of all the kids hunting for eggs and opening them - we post pictures throughout Easter day.


Egg Prices

Below is the list of egg packages that you can purchase. Each egg will have candy and toys for your kid(s) to enjoy!

Our jumbo eggs are have a stuffed animal, a special item that they like most (favorite character, animal(s), fidget toys/slime/playdough) and extra items if there is room!

 30 eggs for $35

50 eggs for $55

70 eggs for $75

100 eggs for $90

Add a jumbo 7" egg to your order for some extra goodies for your child(ren)
We will even add their names on the egg!

Jumbo eggs are $10 each

Add a jumbo 7" egg to your order for some extra goodies for your pet(s)
We will even add their names on the egg!
Please add what type of pet (cat, dog, ect) and size.
We will include treats and a toy!

Jumbo eggs are $10 each

Payment is due right away to secure your spot!


3914 is the ending numbers for a phone number if it asks


email us is you pay via cashapp

Some of our egg hunters from previous years!

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